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DIY Mini 12Volt Power Amplifier

DIY Mini 12Volt Power Amplifier
On this occasion, I will share a mini power amplifier with a power output that is not big enough, and this power amplifier can be supplied with 12volt voltage up to 24V asymmetric. With a small power, this amplifier can be applied for home use or on a radio or portable speakers. For circuit schematics and PCB layout my own design as shown below.

12V Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic
Component list:
R1=560K, R2=22R, R3=6K8, R4=6K8, R5=2K2, R6=1K, R7=22K, R8=1R, R9=1R, R10=15R, R11=150R RV1=10K-100K Potentiometer
C1=10uF, C2= 10uF, C3=330pF, C4=220uF, C5=100uF, C6=330uF
Q1=C945/ C828, Q2=BD139, Q3=TIP32, Q4=TIP31
D1=1N4007/ 1N4148

PCB Layout Design:
12V Power Amplifier PCB Layout Design
You can download PCB file .PDF at end of this post.
 Finished Project:
Mini Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic
Full video making of this 12Volt Power Amplifier circuit by using PC power supply former, the input voltage about 14V DC asymmetric with current output 5A-20A. For the final transistor is using D1763 and B1186 you can also using TIP31/TIP32. The speaker using a 2x2,5inch speaker with maximum power 60W, see below the video:


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