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DIY KIT Voice Spectrum Lights 8x8 LED Red/Green/Blue

DIY KIT Voice Spectrum Lights 8x8 LED Red/Green/Blue
Hello elcircuit friends, this time I will post make audio spectrum circuit using LED 8x8 Red / Blue / Green. This circuit you can directly assemble because on site is available. Which makes it easy for DIY'ers to create a KIT Audio Spectrum complete with acrylic case. The schematic circuit also you can see below.
DIY KIT Voice Spectrum Lights 8x8 LED Red/Green/Blue

For more details, you can see the video below is complete with KIT, also by testing this circuit of voice spectrum lights

To assemble this kit the things that need to be considered so that these kits can function properly is:
  • Plug the resistors, capacitors in accordance with the existing label on the PCB.
  • Install 47ohm on the label RY1 - RY8, RX1 - RX8
  • Install correctly MIC, The negative electrode of the MIC is connected to the metal case The positive pole is not connected
  • Plug it correctly foot transistor S9014, do not upside down base legs, emitter and collector.
  • Pay attention to the direction of the integrated circuit
  • Plug the led properly the long pin is the positive When installing, please keep each transverse or each vertical one in the same color.

To buy this Audio Spectrum 8x8 Red/Green/Blue DIY Kit Level Indicator w/ Acrylic Shell Voice Spectrum Lights visit here: ICSTATION

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