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150W + 150W TDA8950TH Class-D Chip Amplifier

Power amplifier class d is now quite crowded among the lovers of audio amplifiers because this power amplifier has a large enough power output and has a fairly slim design. Therefore, it does not provide such a large place for the size of a high power amplifier. And no less important, the amplifier has a heat that is not large compared to class AB or OCL power amplifier. And this time I will share the class-D power amplifier circuit using a chip (IC) as the main power amplifier of this D-class. Namely using TDA8950TH IC, this IC the design is very small with 16mmx14mm dimension. And for output power that can be issued this IC can reach up to 340W x 1 @ 8 Ohm; 150W x 2 @ 4 Ohm. The voltage input is wide range about 12V up to 45V DC. Below is the schematic circuit of TDA8950TH.
TDA8950 Class D Power Amplifier circuit schematic TDA8950TH
Chip amp class-d TDA8950TH you can buy at WINSOURCE ELECTRONICS:
TDA8950TH Power Amplifier Circuit
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TDA8950TH Chip Amplifier Class D

DIY PCB Class-D Power Amplifier with TDA8950TH Chip Amp:
PCB Layout TDA8950TH
 PCB Transfering
Layout PCB TDA8950TH
PCB Etching with Fericlhoride
TDA8950 PCB Layout Design
 2 PCB Layout for 2 Layers PCB Top and Bottom
Power Amplifier Class D TDA8950TH Circuit
Finished Power Amplifier Class-D Chip Amp TDA8950TH
Power Amplifier TDA8950TH
PCB layout with PDF File format you can download below:
PCB Layout TDA8950TH Top Bottom .PDF

3 comments for "150W + 150W TDA8950TH Class-D Chip Amplifier "

  1. hello, can you please share us the component list.

  2. hello, can you please share us the component list.

  3. is there a TDA8950J version please?