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Clip Indicator for Power Amplifier

Clip Indicator for Power Amplifier Circuit
There are many indicator clip circuit on the internet, with various models and design, starting from the easy to the hard. But in this article let us discuss the circuit of clip indicators that are easy and simple to be made with the advanced function of the clip indicator itself.

Clip Indicator power amplifier is a tool for detecting limits or clipping of audio signal power amplifier. Why should be installed clip indicator tool? Actually, this is the accessories and additions to make the power amplifier, so it is not installed is not a problem. I think this Clip Indicator Circut is very important because we can monitor the maximum limit of the out power amplifier so there will be no overdrive that can cause the sound broke and damage the speakers.

Clip indicator circuit is very simple and we can make it yourself easily and cheaply. Below is a circuit diagram of indicator clip for power amplifier:
Clip Indicator Power Amplifier
Component List
R4, R5=15K
D1=LED (Green)
D2=LED (Red)
D3=LED (Yellow)
D4, D6=1N4002/1N4148
D5=ZD 15V 500mW
J1=1: Ground 2: Input 3:+V Amplifier
Q1, Q2=C945/C828

PCB Layout Design Clip Indicator Power Amplifier
Clip Indicator PCB Design
Download link: 

How to Connecting Indicator Clip Circuit
This circuit requires a supply voltage that we can take from a positive supply power amplifier, so do not need additional power supply again. For clip indicator connection position on PCB power amplifier. My power amplifier PCB take example use PCB power Yiroshi Amplifier. For other PCB power I think it same, just different position of the layout only. Here is the image clip indicator connection on PCB power.
Clip Indicator Connecting circuit

The ground terminal of the PCB Clip Indicator is connected to the ground amplifier. Then Input Clip Indicator is connected to Output Speaker Amplifier. And for V + from clip indicator connected to voltage V + power amplifier. Led Signal detects incoming audio signal, Led Power indicates Power On and for Led Clip indicates output from power amplifier overdrive or maximum limit.

7 comments for "Clip Indicator for Power Amplifier"

  1. Thank you for sharing this diagram, i have try it already and it works but the signal led is working on a maximum volume already, can i change something so it will work on 25% volume? thank you. [email protected]

    1. You can try it to decrease the resistor value 47K into 10k.

    2. Hello can you put together a diy kit and sell on EBay I know a lot of people need and want one of these:-) :-) :-) thank you for sharing

  2. This is very useful..thank you very you have audio distributor sir?

  3. Does this workon your d4k5 amp?

  4. You've been of great inspiration to the diy family... keep it up

  5. in your circuit , there is an error , i think you have to reverse diode D6 to make it functional,thanks