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Active Surround Sound Circuit

Listening to the sound of music or watching action films will definitely feel more sensational if the add this Active Surround Sound Circuit because this is a circuit that is suitable to be paired with various audio devices. This circuit can convert the sound source from stereo media into 4 output channels (Left, Right, Rear Left, Rear Left), So you can listen to sounds from 4 different sound corners. You can also upgrade this circuit to 4.1 channel by adding a subwoofer filter paralleled with this circuit so you can add speaker subwoofer and amplifier to add more booming bass sound. Below the Active Surround Sound circuit diagram include regulated power supply 12V.

12V Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram
Component List:
R1,7                                = 47K
R2,8,13,14,18,19,23,24  = 100K
R3,6,10,11                      = 3K6
R4,9                                = 4K3
R5,17                              = 3K
R15,16,20,21                  = 27K
R17,22                            = 20K
C1,8                                = 47nF
C2,7                                = 8,2nF
C3,6                                = 39nF
C4,5                                = 220nF
C9,10                              = 1000uF/25V
C11, 12                           = 100uF/25V
C13,14,15,16                  = 100nF
U1,2                               = RC4136 / TL075
U3                                  = 7812
U4                                  = 7912
D1,2,3,4                         = 1N4001
J1,J2                              = Audio Input L/R
J3                                   = Rear Right
J4                                   = Right
J5                                   = Rear Left
J6                                   = Left Output
J7 Pin 1,2,3                    = 15VAC, CT, 15VAC
J8 Pin 1,2,3                    = +12VDC, GND, -12VDC

PCB Layout Design Active Surround Sound Circuit
PCB Size =  6,7 cm x 13,4 cm
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