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TDA7297 DIY Stereo Power Amplifier

TDA7297 Power Amplifier circuit

This is a series of stereo power amplifiers that use TDA7297 chip amp, this chip amp sounds less familiar maybe because of the power that is not so great. The power released by this power amplifier is about 15W x2 (stereo), this power amp circuit is often used in TV or radio amplifiers. But no one, if you also try to come make this audio power amplifier project. 

I've tried this tda7297 chip without PCB and the result is pretty good for mid sounds sounding flat and clear. By using a 12V power supply and I used to overload the speaker 3.5 "x 2 speakers with 60W power. Here is the circuit I am trying to chip amp TDA7297:
Stereo Power Amplifier using TDA7297

C1=82N - 220N
C2=82N - 220N

J1=Audio Input
J2=Speaker Output
J3=Speaker Output
J4=Supply Input 6V-18V DC Asymmetric

Chip Amp
IC1= TDA7297

For this TDA7297 chip amp you can buy it here: TDA7297 | STMicroelectronics ZIP-15 | UTSOURCE
Buy TDA7297 Chip Amplifier

I've bought there and the results you can see on my youtube channel or you can see the video at the end of this post.

PCB Layout Design:
PCB Layout Design Power Amplifier TDA7297

TDA7297 Power Amplifer PCB layout

Assembling and test TDA7297 VIDEO

2 comments for "TDA7297 DIY Stereo Power Amplifier "

  1. I... I have created this project but non work. If i connect only one channel it work perfectly but if i connect both channel the signal output are distorced out of 20% of volume . Have u any idea?.tnx