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Stereo Tone Control Circuit uses TL084/ TL074

Stereo Tone Control using IC TL074 or TL084
This is a Stereo tone control circuit using stereo ic op-amp TL084 or also can use TL074, for recommendation i recommend to use IC TL084, Where the ic has the following features.

Operational amplifier TL084 JFET features:
• Low Power Consumption: 1.4 mA/ch Typical
designed to offer a wider choice than anything else
• Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage
previously developing an operational booster family. Range Each of these JFET input amplifier amplifiers 
• Low Current Input Bias: 30 pA Typical combining JFET and bipolar transistors with high voltage that fits well in monolithic integrated circuits. 
• Low Current Input: 5 pA Typical The device displays low-level low slew, low input bias 
• Short Circuit Protection Output and offset current, and low offset voltage 
• Lowest Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% Typical temperature coefficient.

This tone control circuit has good quality, can be used in audio hi-fi amplifier. To get a good sound quality is also required components that meet the requirements and the same with the circuit below

Stereo Tone Control Circuit Diagram:
Stereo Tone Control Circuit Diagram using OPAMP TL084
Part List & Description:
R1= 5K6 1/4W
R2= 22K 1/4W
R3= 10K 1/4W
R4= 10K 1/4W
R5= 5K6 1/4W
R6= 22K 1/4W
R7= 10K 1/4W
R8= 10K 1/4W
R9= 22K 1/4W
R10= 68K 1/4W
R11= 8K2 1/4W
R12= 8K2 1/4W
R13= 10K 1/4W
R14= 4K7 1/4W
R15= 4K7 1/4W
R16= 22K 1/4W
R17= 22K 1/4W
R18= 22K 1/4W
R19= 68K 1/4W
R20= 8K2 1/4W
R21= 8K2 1/4W
R22= 10K 1/4W
R23= 4K7 1/4W
R24= 4K7 1/4W

RV1, RV2= 50K Pot Bass Set
RV3, RV5= 50K Pot Mid Set
RV4, RV6= 50K Pot Treble Set
For volume setting u can add before input

C1= 1uF 50V Radial Electrolityc/ Audio Grade Cap
C2= 22pF Ceramic
C3= 1uF 50V Radial Electrolityc
C4= 56N MKP/Ceramic
C5= 56N MKP/Ceramic
C6= 1uF 50V Radial Electrolityc/ Audio Grade Cap
C7= 22pF Ceramic
C8= 1uF 50V
C9= 56N MKP/Ceramic
C10= 56N MKP/Ceramic
C11= 4N7 Ceramic
C12= 10N Ceramic
C13= 2N2 Ceramic
C14= 4N7 Ceramic
C15= 10N Ceramic
C16= 2N2 Ceramic

Integrated Op-Amp Circuit
U1= TL074, TL084 Operational Amplifier

J1= Audio Input L
J2= Audio Input R
J3= Audio Output to Amp L
J4= Audio Output to Amp R
J5= +15 VDC
J6= -15 VDC

Power Supply Circuit Diagram for Stereo Tone Control:
Power Supply Circuit for Stereo Tone Control
Part List & Description:
R25= 1K 1/2W
R26= 1K 1/2W

C17= 2200uF/ 50V Radial Electrolityc
C18= 2200uF/ 50V Radial Electrolityc
C19= 220uF/ 25V Radial Electrolityc
C20= 220uF/ 25V Radial Electrolityc
C21= 100uF/ 25V Radial Electrolityc
C22= 100uF/ 25V Radial Electrolityc
C23= 100nF MKP
C24= 100nF MKP

D1= 1N4007/ 1N4002
D2= 1N4007/ 1N4002
D3= 1N4007/ 1N4002
D4= 1N4007/ 1N4002
D5= 15V Zener 1W
D6= 15V Zener 1W

Q1= TIP31/ TIP41
Q2= TIP32/ TIP42

Conector & Misc
J7= Main AC 220V input
J8= To +15 VDC Tone Control
J9= To -15 VDC Tone Control
TR1= Stepdown Transformer 220V to 15VAC/ 20VAC

For DIY'ers I also share the PCB Layout include power supply circuit to make it easier.

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Design Stereo Tone Control include power supply

For PCB Manufacturing you can order at ourpcb:

Finished Stereo Tone Control
Stereo Tone Control Circuit using IC Op AMp TL084

*Good Luck

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  1. hello,i want to build an amplifier 2000w with tone control for bass and normal speakers,please help with pcb layout for amplifier,tone control and power supply?