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NE5532 High and Low Pass Output Filter Circuit

NE5532 is the OpAmp Integrated Circuit that can be used for adjustable tone before audio signal entering Power Amplifier circuit, below is describe the High and Low Pass Filter Circuit using NE5532 with output each channel Low and High Audio Signal.

In the video below listed schematic circuit or schematic diagram, also PCB Layout and Prototype 3d Design circuit. 
Circuit Diagram

NE5532 Low Pass and High Pass Filter\

This circuit uses 3 pieces of IC NE5532, which in each part op-amp is used to amplify the audio signal filtered by a series of capacitors and resistors.

An incoming audio signal is a mono audio signal which will be processed by this filter circuit then has two outputs for high frequency and low frequency.

High Pass and Low Pass circuit can be supplied with a DC voltage of 12V-15V CT or symmetrical voltage, use a good supply power to produce maximum sound output.For more details this circuit you can see the scheme above, to clarify the picture you can click to make it bigger. And to make it easy this circuit, already available picture PCB its layout.

 PCB Layout Design
NE5532 PCB Layout Design
3D Design
NE5532 HPF and LPF circuit

11 comments for "NE5532 High and Low Pass Output Filter Circuit"

  1. How do I calculate the cross over frequency?

  2. Replies
    1. for low pass frequency calculate by C4 C5 C6 and R5 R6 R7
      high frequency C1 C2 C3 and R3 R4

    2. Thank you, but how do I calculate those values?

  3. Replies
    1. If you want a line level (unbalanced) stereo input to get a mono high and low output, use a summing as described here:

      If you want a stereo output, just make two circuitboards.

  4. How i can make a stereo in?