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High Power Audio Amplifier MJL21194, MJL21193

High-power amplifier circuit using a pair final transistors MJL21194 and MJL21193, where diagonal transistors are recommended for the use of power amplifiers with high-power audio power, and linear applications.

Just right as follows the high power amplifier diagram.
High Power Audio Amplifier MJL21194, MJL21193
Has been mentioned above, this power circuit using a pair of MJL transistors, these transistors are often used as equations with transistors 2sc5200/ 2sa1216. But by using the MJL series, the power output is greater and the maximum voltage is superior. The power output for this Transistor is up to 200Watts with a maximum voltage of 250Volts.
In the circuit scheme, using 3 pairs of transistors final. So it has a maximum output power of up to 600Watt, with DC supply voltage 95Volt, using a transformer with an ampere rating of at least 15A-20A.

Dare try to assemble this amplifier? I am ready to share PCB Layout for you, making it easier to put on your PCB.

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout design Power AMplifier MJL21194
Top View

MJL21194 MJL21193 Power Amplifier PCB Layout.
Bottom View
3D design that is more or less like this would be :)
High power amplifier circuit MJL

If you have any question you can give a comment below. Thanks and good luck :)

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