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Led Lights on Music using LB1403 and transistor

On this occasion, I will share electronic circuit schematics on how to create the Led lights in conjunction with the music, or lights flashing on the music. This circuit is quite simple, the circuit has also been widely spread on the internet. However, at this time I will use a lot of lights to turn the lights on music together. By using audio signal amplifier circuit which will be forwarded to led using IC LB1403. However, I added a PNP transistor again to amplify the voltage going into the LED. So the Led used can be much lighter and more stable.

Immediately PCB without the following scheme, or you can buy PCB here PCB VU LED LB1403:

PCB LB1403 Circuit
On the PCB above that is so then slightly modified for the placement of the led lamp driver transistor, so I added a hole and removed the 330 Ohm part to directly connect it.

Led Lights music circuit
I removed 330Ohm Resistor, and jumper it. Because of the + Voltage for supply the emitter PNP Transistor TIP42. So that required 12V Voltage.

Transistor TIP42 Datasheet
Above is a PNP transistor, the transistor I use is TIP42C type with the foot construction as above.

LB1403 Circuit led lights music
Then after the incoming voltage to the transistor emitter is already full, I added a hole for the emitter leg so that the base and emitter can go directly to the PCB.

Led Lights music pcb
My transistor is soldered. into the PCB by bending the foot to be affected by the opening visible copper, so it can be soldered.

Below is finished project led lights music and video test:
Led Flash music

Video Test and Application

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