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TPA3116 Class-D 2.1 Power Amplifier (2*50W + 1*100W Subwoofer)

Recently I was bought TPA3116 Class-D Digital Audio Amplifier on Online shop, that price about $12USD. This TPA3116 Power Amplifier has 2.1 channel output that has 2 midrange output speakers and 1 output for subwoofer speaker. In the mid output or L / R output of each power has 50w, while the subwoofer has a power output of 100W at 4 Ohm impedance. Below the description or wiring connection of TPA3116 2.1 Class D Amplifier:

Diagram TPA3116 Class-D 2.1 Power Amplifier
TPA3116 Class D 2.1 Power Amplifier 50W + 50W + 100W Output Power
About this Amazing Digital Amplifier Class-D TPA3116 2.1 Channel:

The amplifier board adopts two imported TPA3116D2 digital amplifier chip as the core,one piece as left and right channel power amplifier,other piece as pre-bridge briver with NE5532 subwoofer ,with a small ,high effeciency,high power characteristics.

Product name:2.1-channel audio amplifier
Chip Select:TPA3116D2
Supply voltage:DC 12-24V
Output power:50Wx2+100W Subwooferx1
Output Impedance:4-8ohm
Frequency range:14-100Khz
Number of channels:3(left channel,right channel,subwoofer)
Switch frequency:1.2MHz

For the use of power supply, this power amplifier does not require so large working voltage. You can use 12VDC voltage to work on the TPA3116 power amplifier. However, to use a power amplifier with a maximum power, I recommend using a maximum voltage of 24VDC. In this project, I'm using 12VDC Switching Power Supply with current 8 Amperage.

TPA3116 and 12V DC Switching Power Supply

In this experiment, I tested power amplifier using 12 Inch subwoofer speaker with 200W 4 Ohm impedance for the subwoofer channel. And 2 x Midrange 3.5 inch along with tweeters. Here's a picture of its speakers and video test.

Subwoofer and midrange speakers

Video test TPA3116 Class-D Power Amplifier 2.1 Channel

My other Project with TPA3116 Class-D amplifier with 6-inch Subwoofer

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  1. TPA3116 the most good performance class d .. bass jedug jedug

  2. how can i make it sir ?
    where is parts?
    this is my email: [email protected]

  3. Its a kit power amplifier, you just buy it and give power supply already work.

  4. SIR PLEASE SEND SCHEMETIC AND PCB LAYOUT..... [email protected]

  5. Could you do me the favor of giving me the circuit or the scheme I liked this was what I was looking for you could send me to [email protected] please I would appreciate it

  6. Can it power the Pioneer W10D4 Subwoofer, 1400 Watts (400Watts Nominal)

  7. apakah alatnya di jual online kan bos

  8. SIR PLEASE SEND SCHEMETIC AND PCB LAYOUT..... [email protected]

  9. Its has 100 W Subwoofer output how can you use 200W subwoofer speaker will it not affect the amp? howmuch watt subwoofer is bestsuited for this amp?

  10. 24V dc at 10amper its 0k?