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Power Supply 220VAC to 12VDC 8A from SMPS KIT

For DIY Power Supply Circuit from 220VAC to 12VDC 8A current using a KIT Switching Mode Power Supply, it is very simple no need transformer which takes a lot of space. Below the kit of SMPS 220V to 12V AC to DC Step Down.

Switching mode power supply 12V 8A

Power Supply Switching 220VAC to 12VDC

The circuit SMPS is very simple using an SMD components but the power supply output has 8 Ampere Current output at 12VDC. Here I will make a box for this SMPS, also add additional parts for the voltmeter, and output power supply voltage connector.For the box, I use wood and acrylic to cover the top. Here is the material.

Make simple power supply circuit

part to make simple power supply circuit

I use wood for the box that I have cut in such a way as the picture above and also the acrylic. Then also make two holes the acrylic part for the output terminal. And here is a circuit of ready-made power supply ready to use.
power supply switching 12VDC

I tried to test this 12VDC 8a power supply circuit to power 2 LED 10L LED and the result is very bright and stable the light is no ripple voltage. The original voltage is 12.1VDC after used to turn on only 0.1V.
220V to 12V AC to DC switching mode power supply

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