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DIY Power Amplifier Project 600W BTL + Tone Subwoofer

Transistor C5200 A1943 Power AmplifierThis DIY project making the circuit about power amplifier or high power amplifier by using final transistor Sanken A1216 / C2922, with power amplifier construction BTL, bridge stereo to mono amplifier it has output power amplifier about 600 Watt RMS. This power amplifier I make complete with tone control + Subwoofer filter 4558 and with music mp3 player. See below step by step making this 600W Power Amplifier BTL.

Below circuit power amplifier 600W Power Amplifier BTL600W Power Amplifier BTL Circuit Diagram

PCB Layout Design 600W Power Amplifier BTL
PCB layout Design Power Amplifier CircuitPCB layout DEsign 600W Power Amplifier Circuit

 Below the circuit schematic Tone control + Subwoofer:
Stereo Tone Control with Subwoofer Filter Circuit

PCB Layout Design Tone Control + Subwoofer
PCB layout Design Stereo tone control Stereo tone control pcb layout

Let's make the power amplifier into your home audio, this the component that you need.

DIY Making power amplifier

For first you can assembly the power amplifier circuit if it already finished you can make the tone control or power supply circuit.
Making power amplifier circuitAssembled making power amplifier 600W

DIY 600W power amplifier circuit

Making the tone control circuit
\making tone control circuit + subwoofer filterCompleted making tone control circuit

Power Supply Circuit for power amplifier I use the 10A transformer output Voltage is using 20V for first trying the circuit, and finally in using 25VAC and the DC output about 30VDC.
Power Supply circuit for power amplfiier project DIY

Making the Power Amplifier Box with Mp3 Player.
Making the Box Power Amplifier Complete

Finished DIY 600W Power Amplifier BTL + Tone Subwoofer + Mp3 Player
Finished power amplifier project DIY

[VIDEO TESTED] 600W Power Amplifier BTL + Tone Subwoofer

9 comments for "DIY Power Amplifier Project 600W BTL + Tone Subwoofer"

  1. Can i usw the 5A tranformer 35v with this 600W amplifier ?

  2. hey sir where is the sub woofer output please tell me????

    1. its combine with ouput tone, so it just enhancing bass ouutput

  3. its working... sir. thanks a lot. but can I use 100ohm of 2 resistor from left and right output channel for sub woofer. does it working??? please answer sir..... i'm in big trouble for that. but as well as the circuit is awsome .... its really good tone controll.

  4. Thanks for apreciate,
    Dont use 100 ohm, please give 10k 2x for left and right.

  5. What is the impedance in speech

  6. From where ican get your audiokits in india. Please reply to my mail id
    With regards
    Sanjay chauhan

  7. From where i can get your kits in india
    Sanjay chauhan
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