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Complete Tone Control Circuit LM324

Complete Tone Control Circuit LM324
There are many a circuit about tone control in this site, that the most similar circuit with this tone control is 4558 Parametric Tone Control. But this tone control circuit is an overall good performance to controlling your audio. The tone control adjusts by variable resistor Potentiometer that includes, High, Low, Middle, and Master Volume.

By using a single chip LM324 basic op-amp to control and adjusting the tone. This circuit needs voltage supply about 12V to 15V DC CT. Use regulated power supply and nice filtering the DC current, to get the sound output so less hum and more tone performance. This tone control is a mono circuit, if you want to make a stereo tone control, you must make multiple.
Below the Circuit and PCB Design of Tone Control Mono LM324.

Circuit Schematic Diagram Tone Control LM324

PCB Design Top Layer Tone Control CircuitTop Layer PCB Design Tone Control

Finished PCB Tone Control Mono LM324

Tone Control PCB DesignPCB Layout Design LM324

*note: Click images to view larger.

This tone control circuit is very matched with power amplifier circuits:
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  1. Hello sir, can you give me the complete list of all the parts needed for this tone control? Thank you very much. ([email protected])

  2. hello.. i dont sell the components and pcb sir

  3. Minta list komponen nya. Yg lain ada list komponen yg ini kok enggak ada

  4. Dear sir, above circuit diagram is not clear and the parts also...pls kindly send me the clear project details with the all components. .thanks