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TDA2040 Power Amplifier Circuit

TDA2040 Power Amplifier Circuit is an amplifier circuit that uses a single type IC TDA2040 as the main amplifier. These amplifiers typically used for reinforcement on the car because of its practical and have gained sufficient.

TDA2040 Power Amplifier Circuit monolithic class AB amplifier

TDA2040 is a type IC monolithic with the operation of the class AB amplifier circuit. This IC TDA2040  inside is equipped with a protection circuit for a short circuit, especially on lines speaker output. 
TDA2040 Schematic Diagram 20Volt 20Watt Hifi Amplifier

The TDA2040 Power Amplifier circuit above is an example circuit collated by strengthening the AB class using a single IC, the circuit is not quite different from the power amplifier circuit using TDA2030. wherein the circuit TDA2040 has a power output of 20 watts. IC TDA2040 has low distortion levels that are well suited for reinforcement at home amplifier. If you want to make this TDA2040 Power Amplifier, we provide Layout PCB and schematic with the file format (.PDF) below:

Layout TDA2040 TDA2030 TDA2050 power amplfieri circuit

PCB Layout Power Amplifier TDA2030 TDA2040


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