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Soft Start for Power Amplifier Circuit

Soft start is a circuit/module that serves to prevent the MCB (Main Circuit Breaker) at home is lost when the power button is pressed power amplifier / turned on first. Here is an example an overview of a soft start circuit.

Soft Start for Power Amplifier Circuit

Schematic Diagram Soft Start Power Amplifier especially on the power supply circuit.
soft start power amplifier circuit schematic diagram
At the time the power button is pressed, the circuit will soft start delay of approximately 3.5 seconds. The Circuit will delay voltage of 220V AC will supplying into circuit power supply contained in the power amplifier. Long delays depending electrolytic capacitor located at the base of the transistor c337. The greater its capacity electrolytic capacitor 220uF, the longer the time delay, but a long delay I do not recommend/ because it will burden resistor 68r / 10w, ultimately resistor it can be burnt.

For make the Soft Start Circuit we provide Layout PCB for making it easier.

Layout PCB Soft Start CIrcuit for Power Supply on Power Amplifier

Soft Start Circuit for power amplifier circuit to resist main ACsoft start circuit for power amplifier power supply

Wiring Diagram connection soft start circuit with power amplifier:

wiring diagram soft start circuit

Download pdf file schematic diagram:

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