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Lamp Switch by voice or tap hand circuit

On this occasion, I will share a the circuit very useful for everyday life. I named this series circuit switch Lamp With Sound Sensor (Tap), it is because I adjust to the workings of this tool. 

With more advanced electronics technology and development we do not need to use a conventional switch for turning on and off lights. Simply use this tool we can just give a voice / pat hand is sufficient to turn on the lights in the home. 

This circuit is a non-inverting amplifier using IC LM358 Op-Amp. I have modified this circuit using an electronic component that is easy to get on the market.

Lamp Switch by voice or tap hand circuit
Components list:
1. IC LM358
2. R1: 10 K Ohm
3. R2: 39 K Ohm
4. R3: 1 K Ohm
5. R4: 1 M Ohm
6. R5: 10 K Ohm
7. R6: 2.2 K Ohm
8. R7: 1 K Ohm
9. R8: 1 K Ohm
10. C1: 100 pF
11. C2: 2.2 uF / 25 Volt
12. C3: 100 nF
13. C4: 10 uF / 25 Volt
14. C5: 2.2 uF / 25 Volt
15. D1: 1N4148
16. D2: 1N4148
17. D3: LED
18. D4: 1N4002
19. D5: 1N4002
20. Condenser Mic
21. Potentiometer: 200K Ohm (Used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor)
22. Transistor TIP 41
23. Relay: 12 Volt DC

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