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LM317 Adjustable Power Supply Voltage

LM317 is the most popular IC that using for regulating the voltage power supply and also can for adjustable voltage. Many DIYers who was familiar with this ic. but I want to share again with existing design pcb in easyEDA, which you can later edit themselves. PCB is designed by

LM317 is ic with three terminal pins, adjustable positive voltage regulator integrated for National Semiconductor Corporation Ns. Range of output voltage of the LM317 IC is 1.2 Volt up to 37 Volt DC, and the maximum load current is at 1.5 Ampere. Use LM317 IC is very simple, just by using two external resistors (additional) to set the output voltage. In addition the level of voltage adjustment and the burden is also very easy to use and regularly on the output voltage.

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply voltage circuit is also equipped with overload protection, as well as overvoltage. Also overheating, the circuit will not work. See this image LM317 Adjustable circuit diy kit, pcb layout and schematic drawing design.

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply KIT
LM317 Adjustable Power Supply Voltage

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply Circuit Diagram and PCB Layout. 
LM317 Adjustable Circuit

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