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Fluorescent lamp circuit uses transistors 2N3055

Fluorescent lamp circuit uses transistors 2N3055 and some other passive circuit. When in a short note this circuit is quite simple, but when you try to assemble perhaps you will have difficulty in procuring trafo. Transformer core ferrite rod can wear heavily wearing copper wire diameter email 0, 1 mm on the secondary side (leading to the fluorescent lamp) and 0, 8 mm on the primary side.

Fluorescent tube lights or lamps (tubular lamp): type gas discharge lamps in the form of a tube, filled with mercury vapor which has low pressure. ultraviolet radiation generated by mercury gas ions in the phosphor coating inside the tube will be emitted in the form of visible light (fluorescent symptoms). The electrodes are mounted on the ends of the tube in the form of filament winding and will light when electrified.

Fluorescent lighting circuits are also commonly referred to as fluorescent lamps. This lamp is one type of gas-discharge lamp that uses electrical power to excite mercury vapor. The excited mercury vapor which generates ultraviolet light waves which in turn results in a fluorescent phosphor layer and produce light that is invisible to the eye. Fluorescent lamp can produce light more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

Fluorescent lamp circuit uses transistors 2N3055 circuit diagram

Fluorescent lamp circuit uses transistors 2N3055 circuit diagram

l1, l2 = 30 coiled / 0. 8mm

l3 = 600 coiled/ 0. 1mm

see directions unwinding point A and B should be back to back

In the area of ​​lighting, fluorescent lighting or also known as Fluorescent lamps are widely used both in industry or can be in a place to stay. Type fluorescent lamp or fluorescent lamp is a type of lamp that is very widely used on all types of lights have the same working principle is electrostatic discharge.

Fluorescent lamp type light bulbs are efficient enough when converting electrical energy into light energy, especially when compared with the lamp filament type. but with the increasingly high price of electricity, lately has been widely introduced fluorescent lamp types with different shapes and sizes in fact quite frugal will use electricity. among which are fluorescent lamps with ballast coil around an iron core that can be used in fluorescent lighting circuits.

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