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5.1 Home Theater using Car Power Amplifier

5.1 Home Theater power amplifier, by using Car Power Amplifier convert for home audio. Many friends diy'ers who asked how to use car power amplifier installed and used in home audio. Actually very simple, only with requires a power supply voltage as a replacement car battery , that the battery voltage is 12 Volts DC. 

But first you have to recognize the car power amplifier, how the character of sound produced, preamplifier, in/out channel. Because in every car power amplifier have several channels input output. Typically in the market, car power have 2/4 channel. In topics this time I will explain how to operate car power amplifier used for 5.1 home theater.

5.1 Home Theater using Car Power Amplifier

To make audio 5.1 home theater, iam using two car power amplifier each has a 4-channel input and output.
One car amplifier to drive a left and right front speakers, left and right rear speakers.
And the other car amp, to drive a center speaker and subwoofer speaker. To drive a subwoofer required considerable power. Then 4 channel I bridge into two channels, so is able to lift the subwoofer speaker. Are still 2 channel more I bridge and used for the center speaker.

For operation amplifier, requiring voltage 12VDC, so that required power supply circuit for the home like the picture below.

Power Supply for Car Amplifier

Power supply circuit above is very simple. components are required:
  • Transformer ( Transformator ) Step Down from 220-240VAC to 12VAC with output secondary current is about 10 Ampere.
  • Bridge Diode , using 35 Ampere Diode for more durable diode to rectifying AC Voltage.
  • Capacitor for reduce riple voltage and save load electric current. Capacitor that is 10000uF / 35 two pieces,
  • Output Voltage 12 - 14VDC at 10 Ampere current.
After the power supply circuit is finished. You can assembly Car power amplifier for Home Theater as wiring diagram below.

Wiring Diagram 5.1 Home Theater Setup
Once youalready assembled as shown above. it is necessary to setting it on the preamp car power amplifier.

Adjusting tone control preamp filter car power amplifier :

Front Left / Right Channel to HPF ( High Pass Filter ) set the frequency 130Khz
Front Left / Right Channel to LPF ( Low Pass Filter ) set frequency into 220Hz
Setup and setting car amplifier

Center Channel to HPF ( High Pass Filter ) set the frequency 10Khz
Subwoofer Channel to LPF ( Low Pass Filter ) set the frequency to the lower , and give bass boost +6dB

Setup and setting audio car power amplifier

It's very simple, but if you set and assemble properly. So audio sound home theater will be sound live.

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