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Tone Control plus Subwoofer Filter Output

Tone control is a pre-amplifier using before power amplifier input signal processing to adjusting the tone about treeble bass and midle, and for this tone control circuit is adding the subwoofer filter cross-over to gain the subwoofer performance in power amplifier signal input.

By using IC PT2350 series to proceesing the audio signal input , this circuit need a cheap component to built tone control. PT2350 designed for stereo tone control ( 2 Channel ) input and output , and plus subwoofer filter. 

Tone Control + Subwoofer Filter Output Circuit Schematic

Tone Control + Subwoofer Filter Output
Circuit Description :

  • Operating Voltage about 10VDC - 20VDC Voltage
  • IC using PT2350 CMOS Technology  It features a tone control range of + 10dB (50Hz, 4 KHz) and subwoofer filter of the second order Sallen Key Design
  • 2 Channel Input and 2 Channel Output plus 1 Channel Subwoofer Output
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD<0.01%, Subwoofer THD<0.2%)
  • High S/N Ratio (S/N Ratio <-87dB, A-weighting)
  • Least External Components and cheap to buy
  • Adjustment of Frequency response by changing the value of the external component

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