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Mosfet Power Amplifier 100W RMS 8 Ohm

Mosfet power amplifier circuit with power output 100W RMS at 8 Ohm and 150W RMS at 4 Ohm. Power Supply Voltage + - 50VDC. Sensitivity input 1V RMS. Final Mosfet transistor using K1058 and J162

Schematic Diagram of 100W Mosfer Power Amplifier Circuit :Mosfet Power Amplifier 100W RMS 8 Ohm

Part List :
R1__________ 2K2
R2,3_________ 47K
R4,5_________ 3K9
R6__________ 1K
R7__________ 33K
R8,10,11_____ 100 Ohm
R9__________ 12K
R12_________ 47 Ohm
R13,14______ 560 Ohm
R15_________ 10 Ohm / 2W
R16_________ 10 Ohm / 2W + L 10uH
VR__________ 1K

C1__________ 2u2F/MPK4
C2__________ 220pF
C3__________ 47uF/NP
C4,10,11,12___ 0.1uF
C5__________ 10N
C6,7________ 33pF
C8,9________ 220uF

D1_________ 1N4007

TR1,2______ A872
TR3,4______ D667
TR5________ B647
TR6________ K1058
TR7________ J162

Use quality component's including the Mosfet Transistor . For More performance on its power amp circuit.

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