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BTL Power Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA7265

Circuit power amplifier is requested to be made by the audio audience. There are various types of existing power amplifiers, one of which is BTL (Bridge Transformer Less). There are several advantages gained from BTL circuit, are power that can be double or doubled. as arranged in bridge or bridge power amplifier. 

A power amplifier BTL is like two power amplifier OTL. So suppose a power amplifier OTL has a power of 20 watts then if arranged in BTL will be about 50 watts.This time we will discuss with the power amplifier IC TDA 7265 serial. IC TDA, it is very often used for the power amplifier. TDA 7265 power amplifier circuit is a simple circuit power amplifier. BTL circuit is not used to filter the output capacitor for power is the basic circuit OCL system.

TDA 7265 power amplifier BTL circuit is like the following scheme
BTL Power Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA7265

IC of this type is the type of IC that requires a heatsink (cooler aluminum) because when you work this IC will be hot. Source voltage required to power this is about 15-20 volts.
The circuit scheme is very simple, but in terms of performance is pretty good, you can get around 25W when using a stereo circuit and 50W more when wearing his BTL circuit from TDA 7265. To get a good sound you can add a tone control on the part of the input for the power supply transformer 3 amps use only.

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