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2.1 Power Amplifier using TDA7377

2.1 Power Amplifier using TDA7377

This Power Amplifier using or based on IC TDA7377, that the TDA7377 IC has 4 channel input and 4 channel output. For using 2.1 Power Amplifier on two channel is bridge to one output so the output is 3 channel , one channel using for bass or subwoofer speaker. And the other 2 channel is using for mid and treble speaker. see circuit diagram below
Circuit Schematic of 2.1 Power Amplifier using TDA7377
2.1 Power Amplifier using Part Value :
Resistor 1/4W 5%
R1, R3, 2.7K – Red, Violet, Red, Gold
R2 3.3K – Orange, Orange, Red, Gold
R4, R11, R13 47K – Yellow, Violet, Orange, Gold
R5, R12, R15, R19, R20 8.2K – Gray, Red, Red, Gold
R6, R7 1k – Brown, Black, Red, Gold
R8 68K – Blue, Gray, Orange, Gold
R9, R10, R14, R18, R23, R26 10K – Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
R16, R17 22K – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R21, R23 1.8K – Brown, Gray, Red, Gold
R22, R24 6.8K – Blue, Gray, Red, Gold
P1, P3 47K or 50K – Dual Potentiometer logarithmic
P2 100k – Dual Potentiometer
P4 47K or 50K – Single Potentiometer logarithmic

Capacitors electrolytic
C1 6800µF
C3, C4,C14, C19, C30 10µF
C5, C7, C8, C9, C10 4.7µF
C6, C28, C31 100µF
C22 0.47µF or Polyester
C33, C34 1000µF

Capacitors Polyester and ceramic
C2, C15, C20, C32 100nF (104) – Ceramic or Polyester
C11, C12 100pF (101) – Ceramic
C13 220nF (224) – Polyester
C16, C26, C27 100nF (104) – Polyester
C17, C18 6.8nF (682) – Polyester
C21, C23 4,7nF (472) – Polyester
C24, C25 33nF (333) – Polyester
C29 1nF (102) – Polyester

B1 Bridge Rectifier FBU8K or equivalent 200V / 2A
IC1 7812 – positive voltage regulator 12 Volts
IC2, IC3 LM4558N or equivalent – Dual Operational Amplifier
IC4 TDA7377 
Speaker Design 2.1 Amplifier

The power amplifier includes a subwoofer and treble control, the power supply voltage 12 -15 Volt, you can use AC Current Voltage and DC Current Voltage So you can use battery 12V to operate this power amplifier.

2.1 Power Amplifier using TDA7377 Test

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


yo cant bought this board, but you can make it from the circuit

yo cant bought this board, but you can make it from the circuit

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Tda7377 2+1 devresini bende yaptim ama sadece kirmizi led yaniyor. Yardimci olurmusun

What are the speaker specifications for this..wattage and ohms?