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Mega Bass Circuit using 4558

The megabass circuit is a modified Baxandall tone control with no bass cut and no treble control. It boosts frequencies from about 30Hz to 160Hz can boost by 14dB.
Mega bass circuit Diagram

Mega Bass Circuit using 4558

  • The input capacitor can be replaced with a .01uf cap if you wish.
  • The 10pf capacitor is optional and will start rolling off everything over 15kHz. 5pf will double this to 31kHz.
  • The tone control requires a low impedence input. If you already have a low impedence input, the input buffer can be removed. However, the output is inverted.
  • The opamp is not critical. A 4558 would be just fine.
  • I do not show the parts for the +4.5 reference. Here is the +4.5 voltage divider I used.
  • IC A4558 Pinning IC A4558 Pinning
IC 4558 is a monolithic Integrated Circuit designed for dual operational amplifier.
  • Absolute maximum ratings of A4558 Ap-amp
  • Supply voltage VCC 20 or ±10 V
  • Differential input voltage VIND 20 V
  • Input voltage VIN ±10 V
  • Power Dissipation PD 300 mW
  • Operating temperature Topr -45 ~ +85 °C
  • Storage temperature Tstg -55 ~ +150 °C

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  2. sir can you say the out is connected to speakers

  3. I can't see the circuit diagram

    1. please refresh your browser again, or you can use chrome browser to view

  4. How can i get the low impedance input? When i put my phone in input there's no sound in output to my earbuds. I make this one and i make sure the circuit is correct. Thanks for reply

  5. I wired the circuit no sound but deep harming from the speakers.i used dual symmetric power supply 12v. Could this be the cause?

  6. I think the wrong circuit here is the pin 3 and pin 5 must be connected to ground if using split supply but in single supply these pins are connected to voltage divider half to power supply