Saturday, September 10, 2016

Low pass filters using IC 4558,TL072, TL062, LF353

These low pass filters passable steady bass boom ... using ic 4558jrc, TL072, tl062, lf353 or similar. Use the original ic let result is satisfying. From the test results in my opinion the most delicate lf353 bass can be in making a chest vibrate, to use the legacy driver subwoofer 12 "LG-1296.
Low pass filters using IC 4558,TL072, TL062, LF353

The circuit just use the power amplifier OCL 150 watt modif 2 sets toshiba C5200 / A1943 and I BTL, transformer 5 Ampere, voltage I give 25volt, play at 2 ohms. For the box is not too big but the results have been tolerable to me to make the chest shivers: D

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