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Electricity Power Saver for Home Application

Electricity power saver circuit diagram for your home application to save more energy. Its very useful project , can make electrical device more longlast live and more saving power consumption.
Electricity Power Saver for Home Appication
Working circuit
Capacitor C1 serves to store (holds) the current, so that when the equipment is turned indirectly attract meter but taking current from C1.C1 also helps stabilize the voltage, so that equipment is more durable.C2 and R1 serves as a snubber (decrease in impedance at high freq) Low Pass Filter at the same time so as to drown out the radio wave.R2 and Neon Lamp Bulb serves to determine whether the equipment is still working / fuse F1 is not broken. Do not false connecting because they are dangerous, remember this circuit is connected between the wiring phase with Neutral, NOT Phase / Neutral to Ground (Earth) !!

For to use capacitors C2 class X-1 or X-2 or class Y, which is specified for use AC voltage.
If the component is already 5 years old should the capacitor C1 / C2 is replaced with a new one.
Use Resistor 1 Watt for R1 and R2 in particular, is to keep the resistor voltage rating remains at a safe level.
If not available then use the Resistor 1 Watt Resistors 2 Watt, otherwise there too, minimal use Resistor 0.5 Watt.

10 comments for "Electricity Power Saver for Home Application"

  1. Printed Circuit Board and box please
    solder tin can?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Abi Galih.

      Value R1 is 0.5 Ohm @ 5Watt

      Thanks for visit. Hope you always enjoying surf electrical content.

  3. how this device is connected with home appliances

    1. You may consult with your electrician

    2. Hello Shreekanth,

      What do you already make this circuit?
      If you have , i will can hel you to install it in your home.

  4. can you make a circuit diagram for a power saver for room air conditioner in order to slow the power consumption. thank you

  5. Hello, Can usse 10uf 425-475 Vac C ? Thank you !