Sunday, September 11, 2016

A1943 C5200 Power Amplifier circuit

This is power amplifier circuit using A1943 and C5200 final transistor, using this transistor to final or booster power amplifier is very very loud and high power amplifier circuit. Complete serie of transistor you may can using 2SA1943 and 2SC5200. This power amplifier have output power about 400Watt RMS at 8Ohm Impedance. See the transistor and circuit diagram of power amplifier A1943 / C5200 below:

A1943 and C5200

A1943 C5200 Power Amplifier circuit

Important Note : BD140 should be tightly attached to the C5200 for heat conduction. Otherwise the current will rise quickly and result to BURN the board.

Guidelines and Adjustment :

  • Initally adjust the VR1 & VR3 to 3K8 and 720 ohm resp..
  • Install an Amp meter (multimeter set to 500mA) in series between Power board and DX-Amp board , and ensure there is no load on the output (i.e. no speakers connected), turn the power on. The current should be less than 50mA. If current is too high , power off immediately and check for error.
  • Adjustment of DC Offset (Center Voltage/Zero Voltage)  :  Install a DC voltmeter (Multimeter set to DC 2.5V range) across the speaker output (+) and star Ground , adjust the DC Offset trimpot (VR1-100K) until 0V or near 0V (max 20 mV).
  • Adjustment of Bias (Quiescent Current)  :  Adjust the Bias trimpot (VR3 - 1K) until the current (Amp meter in step 2) reach 120mA. You can adjust this bias at your own favour and own risk , and if your heat sink is large enough you can adjust bias over 250mA , but about 120mA gives nice performance.
  • Keep power on for 30 minutes, re-check DC offset and Bias for any variation, and refine both if necessary.
  • Connect load (speaker) for working certain period of time, refine (3) & (4) if necessary.

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


What will be the recommended power supply voltage for this circuit?

45VDC recomended voltage supply for this power amplifier circuit

can i using 24VDC?

Thank u Sir...
Plssss all i want from you is diagram on how to work C5200 and A1943 to an amplifier to produce great sound

yes you can using 24vdc but is less performance amplifier

The transistor c5200 and a1943 is good for power amplifier, there are works fine if you assembling same as circuit that describe in post.

sir thish circuite makeit 5.1 amplifire

sir thish circuite makeit 5.1 amplifire

i will make it soon for driving subwoofer speaker

pls sir sent pcblayout

sir transformar voltage and amps pcblayout send me

please , send me the pcb at