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12V Inverter Circuit Diagram

The following article about the Inverter, to meet the demands of my previous colleagues, who wanted 12volt input voltage, output of 42 volts.The principle is the same with the inverter by using a transformer PSU 12v to 220volt or 12volt to 110volt.

12V Inverter Circuit Diagram
12V Inverter Circuit Diagram
The key is how to get a PSU that has V transformer 12v primary and secondary V 42V. Voltage transformer with this big would NOT FOR SALE on the market. So should MAKE her own transformer or coil around itself. The trick is not too complicated right.
In short, for the transformer can be made of the former PSU 500mA - 1A (by kern square 5cm cross-sectional area). Because technically count, to kern 5cm cross section will produce 1 volt per 10 loops (sorry deliberate calculation formula is not published here), the importance counts Primary coil (Lp) and the secondary coil (Ls) coils as follows:

  • - Lp = 12volt = 12 x 10 = 120 winding
  • - Ls = 42volt = 42 x 10 = 420 windings, if need CT output, multiplied by 2, by TEP in the middle, so 2 x 420 convolution.

For its Electronic Scheme, please at googling a lot of variants, which are popular with Final Tr 2N3055 without oscillator. If want to use oscillators to obtain a voltage with a less linear sinosoida, can be combined to NPN Tr oscillator small type or IC (who is popular with the IC-741 LM or LM-555). PSU transformer replaced her stay with homemade transformer as calculated above. The amount of Ampere (will affect Watt output), depending on the size of the wire used.

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