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12 V to 220 V 2 Ampere Inverter Circuit

How to Make Electricity from Inverter Ac Dc 12 Volt to 220 Volt itself

The inverter is an electrical device that converts DC voltage into AC voltage DC AC, AC can be converted at any required voltage and frequency with the use of appropriate transformers, switching and control circuits.
In Solid-state inverters have no moving parts and are used in various applications, from small switching power supplies in computer, for large applications high voltage power direct current power of mass transportation.

Inverter is commonly used to supply AC power from DC sources such as solar panels or batteries (batteries). Inverter needed sa'at a power failure or to areas far from the reach PLN.
This inverter can be to turn on electronic equipment such as TVs, DVDs,Phonel Charger, Iron Solder, lights and other electronic tools. Inverter is not recommended to turn on the fan, water pump and kind. Because the output of this inverter sine wave corrugated square wave not like the electric nets .

As usual, a DC to AC inverter circuit requires an IC oscillator as SQUARE signal generator that will produce AC power.
Inverter that we will create it can reach up to 450 watts of power with a fixed voltage DC 12volt source of accu and power can be coupled with parallel transistor more.

Usually the DC to AC inverter circuit using ic oscillator as the main component that functions as a multi vibrator like CD4047 IC, IC SG3525 and the like. By using a DC to AC inverter circuit we can convert the DC voltage of the battery car battery, dry battery into AC voltage 220.
As the main component Inverter using IC CD4047 can create a generator square wave / square wave or as multi vibrator on frequency 50HZ then output multi vibrator this entrance to the IC LM324 to experience the reinforcement and of IC LM324 further strengthened by reinforcing the initial use of transistor NPN C1061 and 2N3055 and final amplifier using 2N3055 transistor 2X on both sides. The signals are already amplified is then passed to a step-up transformer with a voltage of 12V CT 12V / 220Volt AC. Here is a picture of dc to ac inverter circuit;

Transistor amplifier end is the final deciding on an inverter switching system, the more the number of transistors which in parallel stacking, the greater the switching power that transformed into a transformer. To increasing then added the power transistor with the same type. And do not forget a heat sink on the transistor due to the heat.

How to calculate the transformer / transformer calculation used and battery on a DC to AC inverter circuit is this:
12 V to 220 V 2 Ampere Inverter Circuit

Jg transformer size is very influential with the power that produced because the larger the diameter of the wires on the transformer windings, the greater the power that can be transformed.
How to choose the transformer and its DC source, see below let us calculate together:

The basic formula: P (power) = V (voltage) x I (Flow)


Suppose we want the inverter output power of 480 watts at 220 Vac the output current to 2.18 amperes, and of course the 12 Vdc input should be using 40 amperes. this calculation;
220 volt amperes x 2.18 x 40 = 12 volt ampere

To remember of the formula above is only a rough formula, and because the signal output of IC CD4047 is still a square instead of sine wave and it is not advisable to operate fan, water pump etc.

Long time usage depends on the number of watts the load and capacity of the battery / batteries.
Example calculation is as follows;
You have the battery / battery capacity 12v / 10Ampere, so 10Ampere X 12V = 120 watt / hour, while its use to light a 18 watt energy saving 3 pieces, means the total load of 54 watt bulbs.
So the duration of use was calculated as follows 120watt: 54watt (light load) = 2.3 hours
And his Inverter efficiency is 75% -80% to 2.3 hours X 75% = 1.7jam.
If you have batteries or car batteries 12volt strong currents of 50 amperes how long huh? Just count yourself ...

The larger the size of the battery (ampere) the longer the inverter can also survive, and reverse its smaller amperenya the faster the battery runs out voltage.

And you should know that the usage amount of wattage of the equipment must always be lower than the amount of wattage listed on the Inverter.
And duration of use is influenced also by future batteries age and condition of the batteries or the batteries. For this type of inverter is wasteful batteries and you do not wonder.

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