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Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound Best

Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound Best
Kit Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound Best Assembled with Low Cost, Not a lot of amplifier assemblies that can produce sounds pretty good to use cheap components and easily available in the market. Symasym is appropriate amplifier if you need an amplifier for your home audio system. With a relatively affordable cost. The sound quality was good. In fact, I think special.

To assemble this Symasym 5.3 Right as it is very easy. Because the Internet is widely available and references supporting his review. There already schematics, PCB layout, how to set amplifier, etc. The following URL can be taken into consideration and referral if you want to assemble Symasym amplifier:
Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound circuit diagram
symasym5 pcb board

Kit Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound circuit diagram

Kit Symasym 5.3 Amplifier Sound circuit diagram

Power Symasym 5.3 with standard components. Tr drivers use TIP41C and 42C.
Symasym 5.3 specs:
  • THD: ~ 0.005% (measured) sim'd: 0.002%
  • Power into 8ohm: 60 watts
  • Into 4ohm Power: 100 watts
  • Gain: 32dB (~ 1: 40) of full output at 0.7v input (0.5v rms)
  • Feedback: 57dB
  • Phase margin:> 90
  • Supply voltage: +/- 36VDC can use 24VAC transformer CT + capacitor enough (2x10.000uF)
  • Biasing: 55ma, 12.1mv
  • Frequency response: 3.2hz to 145khz (-1dB) using input 4.7uF cap
  • Phaseshift at 10khz: 3
Some of the reviews of this amplifier as follows:
MikeB review:
"Symasym absolutely incredible!
Prominent characteristics are the wide dynamics, resulting in a steady bass, deep, and powerful. And special reproductive detailed sound and detailed, without kolorasi sound. Staging her really three-dimensional. Bak enjoy incredible sound stage!
When amps in turn on / off ON / OFF does not cause strange noises like tuk or duk. Really clear silent.
His voice is pleasant enough, there is no excess or false treble, soft but very transparent. All types of music can be played quite nicely by Symasym. "

Friedrich Schmidt / Germany Cnet review:
"The struggle to assemble amplifier for days paid off. When Symasym connected to the soundcard. The voice sounded pure. No excess or less. No matter what kind of music entered into Symasym, always sounds incredible - felt warmer than transistor Symasym / Toshiba. One thing is certain: I GainClone raft before, just counting days to rest. "

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