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Inverting amplifier circuit

There are two types of systems namely Strengthening inverting amplifier (inverted) and the non-inverting amplifier. The following discussion of the inverting amplifier.A simple inverting amplifier systems can be implemented with just an Op Amp. For example, as shown below: The picture above is a simple audio amplifier scheme called inverting amplifier, Why? because its output will generate the inverted signal of the input signal.
Inverting amplifier circuit
Certainly would not hear the difference in our ears, but it will be very important to consider if we work with the system BTL (Bridge Transformer Less). * For the BTL system we discussed another time yach *
To amplifier as above, we can easily calculate how much gain. Only by dividing R2 to R1. For example:

The input signal = 100 mV (milli Volt)
R1 = 1Kohm (kilo Ohm)
R2 = 10kOhm

eans the gains is 10 times
So that the output signal generated is 10 x 100mV = 1000mV or 1V
Simple right?
Well, so for the application in the assembly with IC 4558 could be as shown below:
Inverting amplifier circuit diagram

Amplifier Microphone for instance, then you can fill in the value of the following components:
R1 = 1Kohm
R2 = 100kOhm
C1 = 10μF
C2 = 10μF
V + = 12 V Dc
* The circuit above only works with symmetrical power supply system (+ (positive), 0 (ground), and - (negative) *

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