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Circuit Schematic Equalizer 6 Channel TL074

6 channel equalizer circuit schematic TL074 is a voice control with a kind of bar with the sound settings are divided within each frequency in the frequency range of 50 Hz, 90 Hz, 200 Hz, 800 Hz, 3, 2 KHz, 12, 8 KHz. The equalizer circuit scheme in the getting up put on audio operational amplifiers (Op-Amp) separately for each channel.

IC Op-Amp which is used to make a circuit schematic of the channel equalizer 6 which TL074 IC which has good frequency response and low noise. The circuit schematic Equalizer 6 Chanel TL074 is quite simple and can be made by drawing schematics and components as shown in the figure below.
Circuit Schematic Equalizer 6 Chanel TL074
The circuit schematic Equalizer 6 Chanel TL074
Components list Equalizer circuit 6 Chanel TL074
  • Resistor 1 has type or size 47Kohms
  • R2-5-18 have type or size 150Kohms
  • R3-4 have the type or size 10Kohms
  • Resistors 6 Resistor 7, 8 resistors, resistor 9, resistor 10, resistor 11, resistor 12, resistor 13, resistor 14, resistor 15, R16, R17 = 10Kohms
  • R19 has the type or size 100Kohms
  • RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4, RV5, RV6 have type or size 100Kohms Lin.
  • IC1, IC 2 has the type or size TL074
  • Capacitor 1 has type or size 1uF 100V
  • Capacitor 2 has type or size 15nF 100V
  • Capacitor 3 has type or size 150nF 100V
  • Capacitor 4 have type or size 33nF 100V
  • Capacitor 5 have type or size 8. 2NF 100V
  • Capacitor 6 has the type or size of 1nF 100V

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