Sunday, May 29, 2016

Power Amplifier APEX B250

Power Amplifier APEX B250, power amplifier circuit using transistor for based amplify audio. This power amplifier circuit using Transistor MJE350 , MJE340, MJE15032 , MJE15033 , 2SA1943 , 2SC5200. For the best quality audio output power amplifier , use the quality component's. This power amp can using power supply from 45V - 90V with current 10A. Buffer power amplifier using IC NE5532 for processing audio input signal and produced again with transistor driver and booster.

Design Power Amplifier
PCB Layout APEX B250
Component Placement Design
APEX B250 Power Amplifier


  1. Fungsi A,B,C dan pro buat apa gan terus untuk ukuran pcb berapa pakai suply ct apa bukan


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