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Mono 150W OCL Power Amplifier

OCL power amplifier circuit used in this circuit is a power amplifier type of OCL (output capacitor Less) with a power output of 150 Watts [Stereo 15W x 2 = 300w]. The Circuit of 150 Watt power amplifier OCL works in class AB with symmetrical VCC voltage source of 25 volts DC to 32 volts DC [If the transformer wear CT18V up to 24V 5A]. OCL power amplifier circuit using a 150 watt power transistor complementary TIP 2955 / MJ2955 and transistor TIP 3055 / 2N3055. 150 watt power amplifier in the circuit can be used to drive a load (4-16 Ohm loudspeaker). Power supply power amplifier circuit can use power supply circuit symmetrical current 5A. This Mono Circuit Diagram , if you need stereo you can multiply this circuit.

Mono 75W OCL Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Mono 75W OCL Power Amplifier

PCB Design Stereo 150W OCL Power Amplifier

PCB Design Mono 75W OCL Power Amplifier
PCB size : 11.5 cm x 15 cm Pertinax material and paint can be used circuit production / solder dip.
To increase the performance and tone control, this stereo tone control circuit is suitable for power amplifiers above.

Updated Video test 150W Power Amplifier 32V with TIP3055 TIP2955:

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  1. Please give the PCB or garber file

  2. Hi, I have a stereo circuit board with this layout but I do not understand the number T1 until T6 stands for. They are trioden but with one where to place? Can someone help me with this? With regards Frits

  3. can i use 2n3055 to 2c5200 ? 2n2955 to 2sa1943