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How to Make Demon Eye on Lens Projector

How to Make Demon Eye on Lens Projector

This simple project to make demon eye on lens projector car headlights, in this project I used a car's headlights honda civic genio variation. In light of this car is actually not using the projector lens. However, for the purposes of mods, this car projector lens light many market. However, for lamps demon eye yet. So I will try to modify by adding a 3 Watt LED lights as a light red demon eye. Is easy enough to put them together, it is quite difficult is opening the glass lamp with a casing.

how to make demon eye lens projector headlights

Description how to make demon eye:

  1. First open the glass lamp with a rear casing. open using a heater blower, on the edge of the light, so that the glue on the soft light, and can be removed by slowly. After a hot open using a screwdriver (-) carefully so do not break the glass lamp. Sorry in this opportunity I do not give a true picture how to open it.
  2. If it is open, then remove the screws that hold the lens Projector. In this light there are two bolts.
  3. Once it opens will look inside the lens Projector are the main bulb, light bulbs I use is hid. Which there later will add 3 Watt Led red as a demon eye.
  4. Put 3 Watt Led red ,give the cable on the + and - led. To fill the voltage on the LED.
  5. Place the lens Projector in the house. Then give a little glue so as not to loose.
  6. Close return of the lens Projector, and replace the lens Projector hook.
  7. To try it out Demon Eye Lens Projector, give the voltage on the wire by 3 V.

To assemble wires on the LED can see the image below.

wiring diagram 3Volt Led
The circuit above is simple, how it works just decrease the input voltage at + LED by using resistors and diodes as voltage rectifier. Or you can using Current Regulated LED. You can change the voltage of + 12 Volt input as daytime lights.

Make Demon Eye on Lens Projector Car

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