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LM3886 Amplifier Circuit

I wanted to create a practical power amplifier is very good quality. The choice fell to the IC. Poject Power Amplifier ever made and the most good in my experience is the TDA 7294 power amplifier circuit, i want IC LM 3886 power amplifier . IC from National Semiconductor, with the hearing test, if the test was measuring. Let's begin.

LM3886 Power amplifier circuit diagram and PCB
LM3886 Power amplifier circuitLM3886 Gainclone

Comparison the LM3886, with TDA7294 power amplifier circuit:
1. LM 3886 RMS Output Power at 4 ohm load of 68 W at 0.1% distortion, while TDA 7294 at the same load 70 W at 0.5% distortion, meaning that with power almost equal distortion is smaller, so small defects resulting sound more "authentic"
2. LM 3886 Peak output power of 135 W while TDA 7294 amounted to 100W, which means more power, making it more powerful. It is necessary to add "punch" especially in a low tone.
3. THD, Total Harmonic Distortion, the smaller LM 3886 (of 0.03%), TDA 7294 (0.1%)
4. Slew Rate is higher, LM 3886 (19V / us), TDA 7294 (10V / us)
5. PSRR, Power Supply Rejection Ratio higher, LM 3886 (120dB), TDA 7294 (75dB), meaning that it can better muffle 100Hz frequency caused by rectification Power Supply.
6. Mute Attenuation higher, LM 3886 (115dB), TDA 7294 (80dB), meaning that when the mute signal leakage is getting smaller.
With a series of advantages already can not wait to assemble and hear his voice. But be patient. We check out the circuit.

About power amplifier circuit LM3886
1. The circuit is quite simple
2. Good sound quality
3. Mainly clear in the middle and high tones
4. Note the heat sink, this IC at a voltage of + - 18 volt very high heat when not wearing adequate heat sink, is characterized by intermittent sound (automatic protector works)
5. To get a nice low tone, use the tone control or equalizer Nice
6. If you want to make Power Amplifier with output power 100 watt, high quality, while its budget minimal, I suggest to try this IC
Good luck.

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