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Unpacking HID ballast and test with HID Bulb Lamp, It is circuit of HID ballasts have been opened and try to use HID lamps . HID ballast circuit uses 12 Volt input voltage , and a circuit system  raise the voltage 12 volt into AC voltage of about 400V to charge voltage to the HID lamp . HID ballast circuit is broken and it unpacking, before burning PCB and cable is worn usually is common in ballast , you simply cut and make a new connection , or replace the cable , with a record of ballast circuit is normal , you can use it back . The following images and video :
Unpacking HID ballast and test with HID Bulb Lamp circuit
At this cable still broken replace it with new cable

Hid Ballast circuit

Unpack HID Ballast and assembly with HID bulb lamp
Assembly with HID Bulb lamp

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