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Battery voltage monitor

Battery Voltage monitor circuit

All rechargeable battery has their specific level of charging and discharging, they are likely to get damage if the battery voltage exceeds that level. Here is a simple circuit battery voltage monitor used to indicate the state of battery by monitor them.

Circuit Diagram and Part List battery voltage monitor

Circuit diagram battery voltage monitor

Simple battery voltage monitor

The circuit of battery voltage monitor is fabricated and designed around an op-amp IC LM709 configured as comparator. Where bi-color LED is used as indicator and indicates three voltage level state of a 12V battery. Resistor R1 with potentiometer VR1 is used as potential driver of voltage monitor circuit.When voltage level rise above 13.5 volts, the output from IC1 goes low as a result LED begins to emit RED light. Similarly, when the voltage fall below a preset level (10Volts) the output goes high and the LED start to emit GREEN light. Resistors R3 and R4 is used as current limiter of LED.

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!! this one of what I been looking for but what is the substitute of the ic LM709???? help