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2 x 50 Watt amplifier circuit

50w is a two-channel amplifier with a preamp and tone control o LA3160 its outer circumference elements constituting the input preamplifier oC1 the input coupling capacitor,
50Wx2 amplifier circuit - schematic

e island is a high frequency bypass capacitor to filter out high frequency interference. C3, Rt negative feedback network, R2, R R constitute frequency equalization network. C5 is the output coupling capacitor o tone control circuit VTl and Rs ~ Rg, G ~ G, RPl, RP2 and other components. Wherein Rs, R, R, R7, RPi bass control network; R7, R, Island and RPz to treble control network. This is a typical negative feedback type tone control circuit, since the circuit has large attenuation of the signal, and thus a need for transistors VTi, amplification should be selected higher multiple tubes, LU should be greater than 100, to increase the gain of the stage. VTi collector quiescent current should be adjusted to 2 ~ 3mA, (adjusted Rio), load resistor R1 l is not easy too small, so as not to affect the dynamic range should generally take 6.8 ~ 12kflo power amplifier circuit part is completely in accordance with the requirements of the typical application circuit. Using 32V supply voltage, each output power up to 50w. LA3160. Is a two-channel preamplifier integrated circuit, its main feature is the low noise, simple peripheral circuits. Its a typical supply voltage Vc 9Vo when the load impedance 600fl, open-loop voltage gain of 80dB, harmonic distortion of 0.1% o quiescent current of 4mA, input impedance is 100kn. Output voltage is a crosstalk 1.8Vo 65d3, off close to the noise voltage input is 1, 25pLVoLA3160 versatility strong, I3A328 and vPC1032 etc. preamp large lC can direct substitution

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