Thursday, February 11, 2016

TIP2955 and TIP3055 70W OCL Power amplifier

That is the circuit diagram of 70W OCL power amplifier with output vigor of 70 watts single channel. It uses power transistor TIP2955 and TIP3055 as essential factor. The power provide used for this amplifier is a symmetrical / twin polarity power supply with output voltage 25V – 32V. This amplifier and be used to force the four-sixteen Ohms loudspeaker. For stereo sound method utility, you need to make two similar circuit and use 5A transformer for power give.

Transistor TIP2955 and TIP3055

Transistor TIP2955 and TIP3055

 70W OCL Power amplifier

OCL ( Output Capacitor Less) is Amplifier system with output without transformer ( IT / OT ) and without capacitor, Below for TIP2955 and TIP3055  70W OCL Power amplifier schematic diagram :

TIP2955 and TIP3055  70W OCL Power amplifier

An OCL amplifier (output capacitor-much less amplifier) is any audio amplifier with direct-coupled capacitor less output. Ordinarily, OCL amplifiers may also be any of a few amplifier classes, and most often have a push-pull output stage .
Benefits of OCL amplifiers over capacitor-coupled amplifiers include:
warding off the rate and bulk of an output capacitor
  • Avoiding the cost and bulk of an output capacitor
  • better immunity to motorboat oscillation
  • larger output power at very low frequencies and DC

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