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LM317 as a Voltage Stabilizer

LM317 Voltage stabilizer schematic diagram

LM317 as a Voltage Stabilizer circuit diagram

Priciple voltage stabilizer

PNP transistor can give to the same condenser with LM317: its output is connected to the condenser as well as the collector of the power transistor. It works so that the current flowing through R1 on it leaves a voltage drop. As long as does not exceed about 300 mA (see here resistance of 2.2 ohms / 0.6W), T1 remains closed and the entire load current flows from the IO. Transgresses If the voltage drop on R1 roughly 0,6-0,7V starts the T1 open and all the current that is above said value gradually takes over. In this circuit can be stabilized supply voltage roughly in stream 15A (depending on the used transistor cooler and the voltage difference between input and output).

Divider R2 / R3 while still providing control of the output voltage. Because the output power transistor is in the collector, which is connected with the housing, it is both active elements screwed to one chiller. A certain disadvantage is that the heat that follows may not radiate integrák must be paid on the transistor, or the cooler will play as wel

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