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Gainclone Power Amplifier

Making of Amplifier Gainclone from this list circuit schematic Gainclone Power Amplifier

Gainclone power amplifier

What is Gainclone Amplifier?

Gainclone was cloned from Gaincard amplifier, an amplifier commercial production 47Labs that cost thousands of dollars. Gaincard amplifier using integrated circuit production National LM3875.
In the end, every amplifier made with LM3875, LM 3876, LM3886, LM1875 even called the Gainclone. While many variations of the amplifier Gainclone. From the basic version through the use of buffers and regulated power supply.

LM3886 Gainclone Power Amplifier Schematic

LM3886 Gainclone Power Amplifier

Basically LM3886 has the dynamics and quality of bass best of the four, but the vocal quality and voice clarity worst. Not much we can do to improve vocal quality and clarity of the 3886's. For improving bass performance using this circuit Subwoofer Booster Circuit

LM1875 Gainclone Power Amplifier Schematic

LM1875 Gainclone Power Amplifier

Basically the LM1875 is the most excellent vocal and clarity of voice among the four. But its also the lowest. Wait, 30 watts may not be called low, especially when we are highly sensitive speakers, use the speaker crossover, but from my experience, there is always a feeling of lack of power when I used to use a smaller power amplifier. But I think overall ic LM 1875 is not the caliber of his older brothers.

LM 3875 3876 Gainclone Power Amplifier Schematic

LM 3875 3876 Gainclone Power Amplifier Schematic

3875 and 3876 was principally the same ic, only 3876 plus mute facility. Because the mute function has nothing to do with the quality of the sound, of course logic is clear, more complex circuits will only reduce the sound quality. At least it will complicate manufacture and increase the cost of components.

3875 clear voice, sweet vocals (especially when given FET front). For the quality of bass, we submit his affairs in the power supply.

Why Low Gain for Gainclone Power Amplifier?

The bigger the gain is greater distortion. But the greater the gain, the greater the power, the more detailed the better and control the bass so that it can better driving speaker. Here we choose a gain of about 18 to 20 times. Smaller than that, there could be instability / oscillation.

How Sound Quality?

It's the most important, what about the sound quality? I know this is the most anticipated reader, so I'm happy to explain that this amplifier sounds good once. Bass, treble, vocals, everything sounds detailed and natural. The most interesting thing is the quality of bass that resembles mosfet amplifier.

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