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Current regulated LED lamp with LM317

Simple LED Lamp (Current Regulated)

This simple lamp circuit is made of very few materials. It uses high intensity white LEDs. The circuit is current regulated thus the LED is protected even the supply voltage is variable. The operation of the circuit is very similar to LED driver using LM317 regulator. The current is controlled by resistor R1 with the formula: Current = 1.2V/R1

Current regulated LED lamp schematic

Part List Current regulated LED lamp schematic:

C1 - 220uF electrolytic capacitor rated 16V
R1 - 27 ohms 1W
LM317 - 317 or similar regulator IC
LED - white LED (see LED pinout in case you forget)


4 comments for "Current regulated LED lamp with LM317"

  1. Can I use 10mm(led)x10pcs.less?

  2. you can use many led for 10mm led, the current controlled by R1. Choose the R1 lower than 27Ohm