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500 Watt Monoblock Car Amplifier

Mono (bridge) Car Power Amplifier

A circuit of power amplifiers car in the picture below can produce a power output of 500 watts RMS at 8 ohm loudspeaker loads.Monoblock Power amplifier circuit for this car is a type of OCL power amplifier with a power transistor types TIP3055 and TIP2955. The series of car 500 watt power amplifier works with DC voltage source symmetrical ± 30 volts. The series of car stereo amplifier power of 500 watts can be set as a stereo power amplifier and power amplifier mono (bridge). Pictures of the circuit and a list of components to make car power amplifier with an output of 500 watts can be seen in the following figure.

Monoblock car amplifier schematic circuit

For Subwoofer speaker system.

Car Stereo Power Amplifier circuit 500 Watt power amplifier circuit car stereo in the image above using 4 units TIP2955 and TIP3055 power transistors that are arranged in a push-pull for each channel. Car stereo power amplifier circuit in the image above is the power amplifier OCL working in class AB. Drivers and TIP2955 TIP3055 power transistor power amplifiers use transistors TI31 this car and TIP32. The circuit of car stereo amplifier power of 500 watts at the image above to use the amplifier in front of the TL072 IC is equipped with level control (volume control) to set robust audio signal to be provided to the power amplifier 500 watts or you can boost the bass using this Subwoofer Booster Circuit

Power Managements Amplifier

At the front of the amplifier is equipped with a selector switch to choose the working mode power amplifier circuit 500 watt car stereo is within 2 working mode. Stereo mode, the working mode with 2 lines input and output signals. In this mode power amplifier can amplify audio signals L and R channels are independent with 2 output channels (output L and R). Mode mono / bridge, the work mode power amplifier with only one channel input and 1 channel output bridge. mode mono / bridge is used when the power amplifier is used to drive the sub-woofer speaker. The series of car stereo amplifier power of 500 watts at the image above is an OCL power amplifier with DC voltage source symmetrical ± 30 volts. So that the power amplifier circuit requires a car 12 volt DC inverter circuit into a symmetrical voltage DC ± 30 volts with a current capacity of at least 5 amperes.

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