Sunday, February 21, 2016

5 Band equalizer tone control with 4558

This Graphic equalizer circuit using op-amp 4558-LF353 circuit 5 Channels 2 Octave Graphic Equaliser,easy to make equalizer, because using IC 4558 or 1458 or LF353 (nice)
If you are seeking Graphic Equalizer Circuit at can fine decorate the sound of music has full frequency sound section. 

5 Band equalizer tone control with 4558 specification

As a result try out group this circuit before. May don’t be defeated.Cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz and 12kHz. Supply voltage may be anything from -15V GND -15V for IC 4558. Besides I still lead model PCB try build can be usable easy increasingly sir.
5 Band equalizer tone control with 4558

Source : eleccircuit


  1. Have any one tried this above 5 band EQ circuit

  2. I have tried a mono equalizer with potentiometer in here.

  3. Lo estoy haciendo perro no se donde va conectada masa porque el o es fuente partida alguien puede ayudarme con eso.


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