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1000W Monoblock Power Amplifier

1000W Monoblock Power AmplifierThis is an audio amplifier circuit provides power to 1000 watts. This interesting routes under a lot of good and lively treble.

Importantly, you should choose the power source, which has been quite high voltage class GND-70V 70Vdc 10A is the current low levelThe transistors are 2SC3858 (NPN) and 2SA1494 (PNP) and the bandwidth characteristic of high, excellent area of ​​safe operation, high linearity and high gain.

2sc5200 transistor
2sc5200 transistor with 2SA1943

1000W Monoblock Power Amplifier Circuit diagram

1000W Monoblock Power Amplifier
2SC5200 driver transistors (NPN) and 2SA1943 (PNP). All devices are rated at 230 V, with the power transistors has a dissipation of 150 W and the drivers are 50W.This circuit describes a process amplifier, power supply and the tests that are inherently dangerous. Nothing described in this article should not even be considered unless a wealth of experience, we know exactly what you are doing and are willing to assume full responsibility for 100% of what you do. There are design issues that may require analysis, fault detection and / or modification.

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