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Super Bass Amplifier LM3886

LM3886 ic original
Super Bass amplifier circuit LM3886 is a series of medium power amplifiers are used to amplify the tone super bass ( subwoofer ) in the room. Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 can be used to drive low-power Subwoofer speaker . Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 circuit can generate power 68 watts RMS at 8 Ohm load subwoofer speakers . Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 is built using LM3886 power amplifier IC and an operational amplifier ( Op - Amp ) NE5532 to build a network of active filter super low tone ( subwoofer ) . To create a Super Bass Amplifier circuit LM3886 can be seen as the components used by the image

superbass circuit schematic lm3886

Active low pass filter circuit on the circuit Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 is built using a series of operational amplifier ( op-amp ) NE5532 IC configured as a cross-over active subwoofer . The audio signal output from the subwoofer crossover and then amplified by the power amplifier gain clone IC LM3886 to drive the subwoofer speaker . LM3886 power amplifier IC circuit on the circuit Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 supplied with DC voltage source symmetrical ± 25 volts with a current 6A . Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 circuit in the image above is complete with power supply circuit with 15V voltage stabilizer 7815 and 7915

11 comments for "Super Bass Amplifier LM3886 "

  1. Strange experienced.. Everyone kept telling me not to go over 84 volt or else the chip would die. I have many of these little LM3886T, so I took the risk in testing one of them. I have a power supply that can produce +-36ct or +-48ct at 4amp. I am using the same size heatsink as in the picture without the fan. I first tested with +-36 parallel of 6 speakers, probably some loss through the wires but this brought it down to 2ohm. It sounds great playing "AC/DC Who made Who". Pretty loud with lots of punch. The heatsink was warm but nothing hot. I then switched it to the +-48, this is 96v total exceeded 12v, thinking it will die or not produce any sound because of the SPIKE. Well, it played the same "Who made Who" louder with stronger punches. I left it playing for days, thinking it could only max out for a short amount of time. It didn't give up. The heatsink was hot, but wasn't melting crayon hot. I measured the voltage at the chip's pins, taking in 96volt. when I turned it up full power, the voltage dropped a bit, but it was still 94volt. Has anyone tried higher volts?

  2. wow its very high volts for lm3886, maybe it can damaged the IC.

  3. Hello sir, can you send me the pcb layout for this one? [email protected].... Thanks

  4. hey sir how to I buy online the lm3886tf ic.... please answer me

  5. please send me the seller link...

  6. sir please answer,...... what type of voltage I use
    30 volt 2A
    or 30 volt 3A
    or 30 volt 4a
    or 30 volt 5a

  7. i use 3 board of single ic so what type of voltage required and how much amp required please help????

  8. hello sir, please send me the PCB layout for this circuit. email:[email protected]