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Simple Current Amplifier Circuit

In this schematic diagram, this current amplifier circuit using a positive regulator LM 317 LM 78XX and also strung together to get the desired voltage current retrofitting. Usually in a positive regulator of this, only the drain current of 1 Ampere. And the function of the transistor is what can make the value of the voltage is increased in the area of ​​the regulator. The magnitude of the current flow is of course dependent on the value of the transistors used. The greater the value of the transistor, the greater the value of the voltage current.

current amplifier

To assemble the current amplifier, you need the following components:

R1: 1 R - 2 W
R2: 10 R - 2 W
C1: 50 V - 1000 uF
C2: 35 V - 470 uF
Q1: TIP 2955
IC1: 78xx regulator LM 31

After getting these components, you can start assembling by following the scheme picture above. As mentioned earlier, you can add a transistor circuit in accordance with needs. If you want to drain a large voltage, of course you should use a transistor that has a great value as well. But if you want to use a small voltage, of course the opposite.

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