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OTL 100W Power Amplifier Diagram

Circuit power amplifier type of OTL (Output Transformer Less) it has an output power of 100 watts RMS for 8 ohm load.As called OTL power amplifier as the system output power amplifier circuit does not use a transformer coupling to the load and is not connected directly to the load, but using coupling capacitors to connect the output terminal circuit power amplifier with loudspeaker loads.


Which makes the power amplifier circuit is referred to as power amplifier OTL is the installation of the coupling capacitor at the output terminal. Coupling output power amplifier circuit using electrolytic capacitors C8 2200 / 50v to connect the output terminal to load loud speaker. To make a series of 100-watt power amplifier assemblies can be seen images OTL circuit and components that are used as shown above.

Power amplifier circuit was built using some transistors with a system output is a series of push-pull power transistor MJ15003 and MJ15004 as a power amplifier. OTL power amplifier circuit 100 watts in the image above is a class AB power amplifier that is operated with a single DC voltage source + 90 volts DC.

Output power can be generated by the power amplifier circuit is 100 watts RMS with a load in the form of loud speaker 8 ohm. Power transistors in series OTL 100 watt power amplifier must be equipped with a heat sink on the job whose function is to absorb the heat produced by the power transistor. To avoid the surge voltage at the output terminal circuit 100-watt power amplifier OTL this needs to be supplemented with a series of delay (speaker protector) to connect the output terminal to the loud speaker.

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